Have You Pictured Your Life?

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Jatto Sakeenah gradually turning me into a poet.
Be inspired by what you read and picture your own life.
My own pictorial dia-poem.

— — — — — — — — —
I am torn in the quest to picture my Life.
As glancing back at my cast, I remember my sort for knowledge beyond the bounds of Life.

Wouldn’t it seem better for me to rest? Like a still who can no longer wrest a word out of context.

I reckon with the pressures superimposed on our white print, holographed in negative films and concealed in the photo-print.
I captured the flicks which makes man mount multiple tripod of uncertainty embedded in a dark room.

When I remember the daguerreotypes and Look through a pin hole, I see the focal length of their existence.

I see flashes of toils through the thorns, only to bleed at the end of the shot.
It is a photo session with clicks, poses and flashes of light. After which the silence becomes a photo-history.

I realize my picture is me. This frame is me in my world’s highest definition-HD. Now that I have captured the picture, I dare to ask…Have you pictured your life?